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Neck rejuvenation

Over the years, as we age, the skin of the neck thins and loses elasticity and, as a result of repeated contractions of the neck musculature, the middle and lower third of the face can droop, causing the jawline to blur.

Often, aesthetic treatments focus on the face and sometimes the appearance of the neck can be neglected.

At Sensemal Clinic, we believe that rejuvenation techniques for this area should always be considered in a complementary way to facial aesthetic treatment with the aim of harmonising and balancing the appearance of the face and neck.  

To this end we have created a series of medical protocols for the care of this highly visible area that will effectively combat the effects of the passage of time.

The so-called "Nefertiti Lift" is a non-invasive, outpatient treatment based on neuromodulators injections in the neck that achieves a better profile of the jaw angle and the attenuation of unsightly platysmal bands or "cords".   

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This treatment is an ideal option for young or older patients who want to define the angle and jaw line and achieve a more youthful appearance.

The results can be seen within 72 hours of application and last for approximately 8 months.

This technique is also fully compatible and can be complemented with Hyaluronic Acid filler treatments, Platelet Rich Plasma treatments or mesotherapy, among others, so that we can set more ambitious aesthetic goals.