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For the treatment of those areas of fat that we are unable to eliminate after a good diet and exercise, we can opt for different treatments such as mesotherapy or hydrolipoclasy.

Hydrolipoclasy is a technique whose objective is to break up the fat cell (adipocyte), freeing the fat contained in it and remodelling the figure.

It can be a good alternative for all people with cellulite and localised fat, for both men and women.

To achieve maximum effectiveness of the treatment and reduce the desired volume, it is important to follow a diet low in fat and alcohol to promote the metabolisation (and therefore elimination from the body) of the released fat.

How is the technique performed?

The first step is to carry out a good diagnosis, selecting the areas to be treated. After this, the areas are marked and a physiological serum with low osmolarity is injected into the fat in the area to be treated. In this way the serum enters the fat cell (adipocyte) distending it until the cell ruptures and subsequently disappears.

This technique is indicated for eliminating localised adiposity in areas such as the hips, abdomen, inner legs, knees, thighs, etc.

For large areas with large accumulations of fat, other types of techniques will be applied.  

If the treatment is followed by physical exercise and/or combined with lymphatic drainage to help eliminate the released fat, the results will be enhanced.

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