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Bruxism and masseter hypertrophy

Bruxism is defined as involuntary and intense grinding and/or clenching of the teeth due to repeated contraction of the masticatory muscles, especially the masseter muscles. It can occur either during sleep or during the day.

Neuromodulator induces muscle relaxation in the muscles to which it is applied; in the case of the masseter muscles, it reduces excessive muscle contraction, both at rest and during chewing movements.

The application of the neuromodulator, to any of the masticatory muscles, is beneficial in reducing the signs and symptoms of bruxism as well as reducing muscle hypertrophy if it has already occurred.

The treatment is carried out using a fine needle injecting the toxin into the muscle to be relaxed.

The clinical effect of the toxin on bruxism can be observed 2 to 4 days after the initial injection.

The duration of its beneficial effects can last up to 6 months when the treatment is performed for the first time, and could be longer lasting if new doses of toxin are applied periodically.

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