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Body Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is an aesthetic medicine technique that consists of injecting small amounts of medication through the skin over several sessions to help the body eliminate localised fat, orange peel skin and reduce cellulite (especially in the thighs, buttocks and abdomen).

To do this, a subcutaneous or intradermal micro-injection of these substances is carried out in small doses; reducing fat deposits, favouring venous and lymphatic drainage, avoiding fluid retention and restoring the skin's firming properties.

Body mesotherapy does not require surgery and produces great benefits for the skin. It can also avoid having to undergo more complex processes such as liposuction. If it is also combined with other treatments we can increase its effectiveness. The results are progressive and can be seen after several mesotherapy sessions which are carried out weekly and last about half an hour. Although you will begin to notice its effects from the first applications, between 5 and 10 sessions are necessary to finish the treatment with guaranteed effectiveness; although the number of sessions required will depend on each patient.

treatments points

Some of the most outstanding benefits of this treatment are:

  • Increased skin hydration. Therefore, a firmer, healthier and brighter appearance is achieved.
  • Maintenance of the skin's hydrolipidic balance.
  • Strengthens the connective tissue that supports the epidermis. Therefore, it prevents sagging.
  • Provides a homogeneous skin tone, eliminating imperfections.
  • Protects the skin from the action of free radicals, thus slowing down skin ageing