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Beauty and natural results.

Beauty and natural results. points

Treatments focused on restoring your most beautiful and natural state.

Aesthetic medicine within your reach

Aesthetic medicine within your reach points

If you have not yet started with aesthetic treatments, now is the time. Check our prices, we can help you

Qualified medical professionals.

Qualified medical professionals. points

The safety of our patients is one of our priorities. We adapt our treatments to the needs of each one of them.

Recover your balance and harmony

Recover your balance and harmony points

Reshape the facial oval by stimulating the production of collagen and improving the toxicity and elasticity of your skin.

Surprise them, surprise yourself.

Surprise them, surprise yourself. points

Leave them speechless with the best version of yourself.


Facial Revitalisation.

Facial Revitalisation. points

There are a variety of minimally invasive treatments that can minimise the signs of ageing and rejuvenate the face to give you brighter, fresher and more hydrated skin.

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Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin points

Neumodulator is a purified protein that prevents or reduces and attenuates wrinkles and facial expression lines. It is one of the most demanded medical-aesthetic treatments.

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Collagen fillers and stimulators

Collagen fillers and stimulators points

Collagen stimulator products restore skin tension and redefine the facial contours. They provide a lifting effect by tightening and redensifying the skin, improving its quality and minimising its flaccidity.

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Body treatment

Body treatment points

Body mesotherapy can help us to lose volume through the injection of small amounts of amino acids, trace elements and vitamins that stimulate the metabolism and favour the elimination of fat.

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Hair aesthetics

Hair aesthetics points

Alopecia is a problem that is not only increasing but also more and more patients are concerned about their hair, both medically and aesthetically. 

Alopecia, even if it is slight,  can have a negative effect on the psychological level, therefore establishing an effective treatment and explaining to the patient their pathology and the forecast, will help not only their hair but also their psychological state in general.

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Slimming points

Overweight and obesity can be a serious health problem. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression are just some of the pathologies that are associated with overweight and obesity and that can diminish our quality of life.

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Sensemal Clinic

After a long professional career of more than 20 years in the field of public health, we will soon celebrate the fifth anniversary of the opening of our centre, Sensemal Clinic in Palma de Mallorca; in which we begin a new stage oriented towards Aesthetic Medicine, which we understand as another branch of medicine that deals in an integral way with skin care and facial rejuvenation, seeking harmony and facial and body balance.

Our objective is natural beauty; moving away from excessive and inexpressive results, achieving the best version of our patients through the application of quality medical treatments, with less aggressive and practically painless techniques, with a quick recovery time.

Our philosophy

Profesionales médicos cualificados

Qualified medical professionals

Calidad y seguridad

Quality and safety

Medicina estética a tu alcance

Aesthetic medicine at your fingertips

Belleza Natural

Natural Beauty

Our center

Our Team

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Dra. Marilén Arellano

  • Graduate in Medicine and Surgery
  • Specialist in Family and Community Medicine
  • Master's Degree in Aesthetic Medicine, Nutrition and Anti-Ageing from the UDIMA (Madrid)
  • Master's Degree in Clinical Aspects of Pain from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid (URJC)
  • Master's Degree in Body Damage Assessment from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).
  • Founding partner of Sensemal Clinic.

Dr Javier Garate

  • Graduate in Medicine and Surgery
  • Specialist in Family and Community Medicine
  • Specialist in Occupational Medicine.
  • Master's Degree in Aesthetic Medicine, Nutrition and Anti-Aging from UDIMA (Madrid).
  • Master's Degree in Clinical Aspects of Pain from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid (URJC).
  • Founding partner of Sensemal Clinic.

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